Overwhelmed or frustrated?
Are you conflicted about your choices?
Do you feel trapped in a cycle of anger?
We can help you shed the weight of hate and violence.
No judgment. No shame.

Speak Freely NY is a non-profit that supports people who are questioning hate or violence.

We can help with whatever is weighing you down.

We accept people from all backgrounds. And we don’t judge how you arrived here.

It’s never too late to choose a new path. Reach out when you’re ready.

Speak Freely NY might be for you if:

  • Nobody understands your anger or frustration
  • You feel rejected or alienated
  • You’re in conflict with family or friends about your beliefs
  • You’re struggling to find belonging and meaning
  • You’re questioning if violence is the answer
  • You feel like you’ve made a mistake and you want a change
  • You want someone to listen without judgment

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Speak Freely NY is a service for people in New York.

Conversations are confidential.

Our business hours are 9 AM to 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Weekends and holidays may delay our response time, but you should never hesitate to reach out.


(646) 801-4777‬



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